Farmer Brown

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About Our Family Farm

The Brown Family is a 1st generation family farm, naturally raising a variety of healthful farm products in a sustainable way.  Our goal is to grow delicious, good-for-you food using only the finest ingredients - grass, sunshine and water.

Our Cows

Our herd, mostly black and red Angus, is pastured in the spring, summer, and fall and rotated daily into fresh paddocks of grass.  InTodd with cows winter, they eat from hay bales spread across our fields in the fall, and slowly progress from one area to the next.

By restricting them to one paddock each day, rather than letting them roam, our cows more thoroughly eat and trample down the grass in the area, while adding their wastes.  That process of mowing, trampling and fertilizing is very beneficial to the pasture and the soil that supports it.

In fact, this rotational grazing mimics what herds of grazing animals have done in nature for thousands of years.  The animals mow the pasture and then move away from their waste products to fresh grass.  This process invigorates the pasture, stimulating new growth.  The robust plant growth removes carbon and nitrogen from the air, as new plant roots, along with all the soil microorganisms, lock those two American Grassfed Associate Approvedelements into the soil to form humus.  In fact, grazing cattle are the most important factor in creating healthy soil, and soil is the foundation of all land-based nutrition. 

Our cow herd is American Grassfed Association certified and Animal Welfare Approved.  That means they are certified to be 100% grassfed and pasture grazed.  You can enjoy our beef in the knowledge that it comes from naturally raised animals.

Our Chickens And Eggs

During the warm weather months, our egg layers are housed in a mobile chicken coop which is moved around the pastures.  The hens stay inside the coop at night for protection from predators. Early each morning, it's opened and the hens march out.  In addition to eating fresh grass shoots, they eat every grasshopper, tick, worm and bug they can find in the field, giving them natural, high protein feed.  Since foraging poultry still require supplementation, we provide them with fresh non-gmo grains they can eat at will to balance their diet. 

As a result, our pastured hens produce tremendous eggs with orange yolks and whites that will stand up in the pan. But beyond the visuals and taste, eggs laid by hens foraging on pasture have been shown to have:

Our broiler chickens are cared for in a brooder for a few weeks until they develop some feathers.  Then they are moved outside to bottomless pens, giving them access to our pastures while protecting them from natural predators.

The pens are moved daily to allow the broilers to eat grass, bugs, flies, and other insects, in addition to the organic grain we provide.  And once again, the daily movement of the pens to new ground gives them new feed, while leaving a perfectly fertilized area behind.

This system of raising meat chickens through daily moves to fresh grass is referred to as "pastured poultry". The resulting meat is markedly different in both nutrition and flavor from even the so called "free range" chickens that you find in the grocery store.  Rest assured that no one was ever moving those chickens daily to fresh turf.  In all likelihood, their feet never touched grass. 

When you eat our chickens, you'll immediately know the difference, and if you make chicken stock with the carcass, you'll get a much better product than you can ever buy in the store.

Our PigsPigs

We manage a small herd of Hampshire, Tamworth and Large Black breed pigs. They are raised outdoors, living a great life in sections of woods and edges of fields.  When they have sufficiently disturbed an area, rooting and foraging for food, we move them to the next location.  They are also supplemented with organic grain. By the time they complete the circuit, the first areas have recovered and re-grown.

Our goal is to use practices that are as close to nature as possible.  Our sows have their piglets on pasture, and spend all the non-winter months outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  They grow quickly and live a great life, doing what pigs love to do.  The result is clean, wholesome, nutritious meat that is remarkably different from what's found in grocery stores.

Our pig herd is now certified as Animal Welfare Approved.  This certification establishes that our pigs were raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the US, using sustainable agriculture methods.

Animal Welfare Approved