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Customer Testimonials


Anyone can write about the virtues of something they're selling, but local customer testimonials, complete with names and towns, tell the real story.  Here are some from our customers who know our farm and eat our food products:

     "After being a vegetarian for 22 years, I decided to start eating meat.  I wanted to be smart about the meat I was eating and wanted to eat meat from local farms that treat their animals and land with love and respect.  I purchased 2 meat packages from Farmer Brown and was happy that I was supporting a fellow local farmer, and that I knew where my meat was coming from.  I also enjoyed many moments of "how did I go so long without eating meat"? Now I love meat and eat it every day.  Thank you Farmer Brown for providing meat that I can enjoy with a clear conscious.
     Christine Kubacz , Foggy Brook Farm - Fairfield, VT
     "We are extremely satisfied with the meat products we purchased from The Browns . Makes us feel good to buy meat from local farmers who care about the care of their animals for one and the butchers got us just the cuts we wanted. The price was great and the beef and pork we purchased are delicious!  We for sure will buy from them again!"
     Anders and Donna Rasmussen - Montgomery, VT

     "Farmer Brown’s meat products are of high quality and  taste great! The beef and pork products are noticeably better than store bought meats. Their website is easy to order from and all our orders have been filled promptly."
     Tony and Sally Vargo - Bakersfield, VT

      "Everything's better with bacon, espescially when it comes from Farmer Brown's Farm."
     Barbara Colgrove - Enosburg Falls, VT

     "Todd and Annette Brown, also known as Farmer Brown, have many amazing products to sell from delicious beef and mouth watering pork to free range eggs. My family has been purchasing these from Farmer Brown for months now. We have been delighted with everything. One of our family's favorites is the homemade salsa. It is the best salsa we have ever had. We know it must take a lot of work to grow the vegetables and then turn them into this fantastic salsa. And we find the prices quite reasonable for all the nutritious benefits we receive. Thank you, Annette and Todd Brown"
     Kathy & Bill Dudley, Kaylie & Margot Collins

     "I bought a pound of bacon from Farmer Brown and it was the best bacon I ever tasted! Also last year my class visited his farm. He was a great host too."
     Pauline Schettini
     "So glad to have met Farmer Brown.  I will not be buying my veal or milk anywhere else. Reliable sourcing, trustworthy practices and delicious every time!
     Kimberly Covert - Enosburg Falls, VT

     "Their veal is delicious, made the best Marsala ever!"  
     Herve Airoldi - Enosburg Falls, VT

     "We absolutely love the Canadian Bacon & Summer Salsa. Everything we've gotten from your farm is excellent."
     Ed Brannagan - Fletcher, VT

"Received my first order of ground beef from you today.  You have a great website which makes ordering very easy, your communication is also very helpful.  Your delivery system is flawless and I have a lot of respect for the way you are raising the meat you sell.  Best of all your ground beef is wonderful.  I grilled 2 hambergers tonight (it was so hot I didn’t even have to turn the grill on) just kidding.  They were delicious.  We will be back when I current supply is gone.  Thanks for what you are doing and keep up the good work."  Karen Lewis, Milton.