Farmer Brown

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Free Range Eggs

Farm Fresh eggs from free range hens. Our egg layers spend the non-winter months in the fields, using our mobile coop as their sleeping quarters. They spend the daylight hours dining on the organic grain we offer and fresh green grass, as well as any bug, worm or tick they can find.

Eggs - Chicken (Farmer Brown)

Farm Fresh Eggs. Mixed dozen of Medium, Large & X-large eggs. Hens are allowed to free range during the day. Supplemented with organic or non-gmo grains. We have a surplus of eggs right now and are running a deal for them. Buy 3 or more dozen at a time, get them at our wholesale price.
1 Dozen L/XL Eggs | 1 dozen = $5.00 + $0.00 Assembly
1 Egg deal for 3+ dozen | Approx 1 dozen = $4.00 + $0.00 Assembly