Farmer Brown

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Free Range Eggs

Farm Fresh eggs from free range hens. Our egg layers spend the non-winter months in the fields, using our mobile coop as their sleeping quarters. They spend the daylight hours dining on the organic grain we offer and fresh green grass, as well as any bug, worm or tick they can find.

Eggs - Chicken (Farmer Brown)

Farm Fresh Eggs. Mixed dozen of Medium, Large & X-large eggs. Hens are allowed to free range during the day. Supplemented with organic grains. Winter: With less sunlight, the Chickens don't lay as many eggs in the fall and winter.
1 Dozen L/XL Eggs | 1 dozen = $5.50 + $0.00 Assembly
Duck Eggs (Boston Post Dairy)

Our Mom and Dad raise a few ducks. All summer they spend swimming on the pond next to their house. They winter in a large pen in the barn with access to the outside when the weather is good. Duck eggs are very similar to chicken eggs. They have are a little bigger, have a harder shell and a more intense egg flavor.
1 Dozen Duck Eggs | 1 Dozen = $6.00 + $0.00 Assembly